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Cressi -sub is the oldest underwater diving company presently existing, Cressi is a very popular brand with our students and members, we stock the latest freediving equipment.

We also stock Mares, Head, SUBGEAR, Northern Diver, Poseidon, Omer & Imersion all extremely popular within our club.





Who are we?


Freediving is  an exciting and dynamic sport, the sport of Apnea, diving on one breath of air.

For centuries the mystery and beauty of our underwater world has fascinated us humans. With Freediving 2000 you will find the freedom and wonders within our Big Blue world. We will Guide you to reach personal limits beyond your expectations, come and be amazed with what YOUR body can actually do – we promise if you have never tried freediving before you will be surprised!

Whether you are a beginner or expert, together we can work out the best training route for you. We can help you have a safe and successful freediving experience every time.

Owner, Karen Parrott strives to make Freediving 2000 not only safe but a fun way to learn to freedive. We take pride in every service we provide and have unrivalled 'personal' aftercare.

Our highly experienced team are here to pass on a great deal of knowledge and expertise to students and club memebers.

Freediving 2000 offers on line sales, we supply a wide range of quality freediving equipment at very competitive prices. If you can't find what you need, please email


Scuba Schools International is an International recreational training agency. teaching philosophy provides student divers with the essential knowledge, attitudes and practical skills that actually work in the open water environment, even in adverse conditions. We provide training from snorkelling, freediving and scuba diving under the 2000 umbrella.

The Club

Should you decide to join our club, we can offer you a wealth of exclusive benefits reserved for our members, including:

  • Discount on equipment and holidays
  • Regular newsletters
  • Social events, such as ten-pin bowling and 'The Dogs'
  • Priority booking for all holidays and events









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